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123 Jobs That Pay $30 an Hour Without a Degree
We’re going to look at over 100 jobs that pay 30 an hour without a degree.
While college is a great option for many people, it’s not the only way to earn a great living.
Amongst the FIRE community (Financial Independence Retire Early) you’ll find thousands of people who have quietly stashed away 7-figure nest eggs with jobs just like these.
Let’s take a look at jobs that help you earn $50,000 to even $100,000 per year before your friends even graduate from college.
Time to get started.
Note: There are about 2,000 hours of work per year so for our purposes $30 dollars an hour is roughly $60,000 per year.
Table of Contents
Manual Labor Jobs That Pay $30 an Hour?
Manual Labor and skilled trade jobs can be highly lucrative— especially for the go-getter who’s willing to work smart, be professional, and show up on time. 
That might sound basic or silly to some, but if you’ve ever worked with or hired in these industries, you’ll know what I’m talking about. There is room for quick growth by just going slightly above what’s considered “normal” employee expectations.
Now, apprentices in all many these trades often make 50%-70% of the wages listed, but that’s a paid education that’s getting you to higher earnings fast!
If you look closely, you’ll also notice there are a handful of jobs that can get you close to or over $100,000 per year (with some overtime) by the time your friends graduate from college.
You can earn great wages while many of the college-bound may graduate with $30,000-$50,000 of debt and often a much lower salary (average just over $50,000).
If you’re looking to become independently wealthy, a career in manual labor and a healthy savings plan can get you there surprisingly quickly.
(ProTip: For those willing to venture out on there own, there’s usually a pay boost of 50%-100%.)
Let’s take a look at what jobs pay $30 an hour or more:
1. Electrician: ($29-$46 an hour)
2. Plumber: ($28-$45 an hour)
3. Welder: ($22-$45 an hour)
4. Carpenter: ($25-$40 an hour)
5. Painter – Established: ($25-$40 an hour) *
6. Tile Setter: ($21-$33 an hour)
7. Landscape Designer or Company Owner: ($21-$34 an hour)
8. House Builder: ($28-$43 an hour)
9. Mechanic: ($40-80 an hour)
10. Oil/Gas/Mining Industry Jobs: ($25-$50 an hour)
11. Wallpaper Hanger: ($23-$41 an hour)
12. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) Technician: ($24-$37 an hour)
13. Cable/Phone/Internet Installer: ($17-$31 an hour)
14. Handyman: ($25-$70 an hour)
15. Lineman: ($34-$45+ an hour)
16. Industrial Machinery Mechanic: ($27-$38 an hour)
17. Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanic: ($26-$37 an hour)
18. Construction Equipment Operator: ($26-$41 an hour)
19. Diesel Mechanic: ($24-$35 an hour)
20. Auto Body Repairer: ($22-$35 an hour)
21. Pile-Driver Operator: ($31-$48 an hour)
22. Steamfitter: ($28-45 an hour)
23. Crane Operator: ($28-$42 an hour)
24. Wind Turbine Technician: ($28-$40 an hour)
25. Millwright: ($27-$39 an hour)
26. Brick Mason: ($26-$41an hour)
27. Ironworker: ($23-$39 an hour)
28. Sheet Metal Worker: ($21-$31 an hour)
29. Pipefitter: ($28-$43 an hour)
30. Boilermaker: ($25-$43 an hour)
31. CNC Machine Tool Programmer: ($27-$40 an hour)
32. Machinist Level 2: ($23-$32 an hour) *
33. Aircraft Mechanic: ($32-$47 an hour)
34. Avionics Technician: ($32-$46 an hour)
35. Elevator Installer and Technician: ($30-$45 an hour)
36. Solar Installer: ($18-$34 an hour)
37. Commercial Fisher: ($18-$40 an hour)
38. Fire Sprinkler Industry: ($26-$35 an hour)
39. Car Detailing: ($24-$80 an hour) *
40. Pressure Washing/Window Cleaning: ($20-$40 an hour) *
41. Lawncare and Gardener Business: ($20-$40 an hour) *
42. Powerhouse, Substation, and Relay Electrical Technician: ($25-$40 an hour)
43. Commercial Diver: ($28-$52 an hour)
44. Tool Dealer: ($25-$40 an hour)
45. Construction Manager: ($35-$78 an hour)
There are several positions you can advance into from the above jobs. Positions like Project Managers and Superintendents can earn $70,000-$120,000 per year or more.

Tech and The Internet: What Jobs Pay $40 an Hour?
The online business industry is growing faster and larger each year, and with that influx of money comes jobs. 
You’ll notice many of the jobs below exceed the $30 an hour range and instead you may find yourself asking what jobs pay $40 an hour or more. So we retitled this section 😉
If so, technology and online jobs are a great place to start, especially if you want a job that you can work from home. Once you find an interesting job below, it’s time to look into coding schools and certificate programs to help you get going.
Let’s dive into our list of tech and online jobs that pay $40 an hour without a degree.
(we still left in some $30 an hour jobs as well)
1. Podcast Editor: ($20-$54 an hour)
2. UI – User Interface Specialist: ($24-$58 an hour)
3. UX – User Experience Writer: ($27-$33+)
4. Computer Technician: ($27-$65+ an hour)
5. IT Systems Administrator: ($28-$39 an hour)
6. IT Security Specialist: ($26-$75 an hour)
7. Software Designer: ($23-$46+ an hour)
8. iPhone and Android App Developer: ($23-$63 an hour)
9. Web Developer: ($25-$47 an hour) *
Specialize to earn more:
  1. Steam Developer
  2. Kubernetes Developer (for servers)
  3. React Developer
  4. Unreal Engine Developer (gaming industry)
  5. Machine Learning & AI Developer
  6. WordPress Developer
  7. Shopify Developer
  8. Squarespace Developer
10. Web Designer: ($26-$37 an hour) *
11. Media and Communication Equipment Technician: ($21-$39 an hour)
12. [b]FB Ads Manager: ($26-$37 an hour)[/b]
13. SEO – Search Engine Optimization Consultant: $24-$49 an hour)
14. Local Small Business Marketing: ($25-$50+ an hour)
Many small business want to have a greater online presence, but don’t have the time or know-how. That’s where you step in.
Think Freelance: Email campaigns, social media videos or even setting up websites. There are tons of opportunities here.

15. Blogger: ($15-$24 an hour average, $40+ on the high end)
Creative and Artistic Jobs That Pay 30 an Hour or More
As Jeff Goins’ book title says Real Artists Don’t Starve. It’s more possible now than ever to turn your creativity and passions into profit and a liveable wage.
1. Photographer and Videographer: ($26-$37 an hour) *
2. Writer and Technical Writer: ($23-$36 an hour)
3. Copywriter: ($25-$40 an hour) *
4. YouTube Channel Owner: ($29 an hour average for 1 million subscribers) *
5. Private Instrument and Voice lessons: ($29-$70 an hour)
Real Estate: What Jobs Earn $30 an Hour Without a Degree?
If you’re savvy, and willing to push through the learning curve, there is always money to be made in Real Estate. Whether you want to fix, rent or flip houses or become the next big real estate agent in your town, there’s opportunity.
One thing to love about Real Estate is flexibility. You can put in more work and more hours to create a job that pays $50 an hour or more, or you can scale back to part time and still make $30 an hour.
1. Real Estate Agent: ($20-54 an hour)
2. Home Inspector: ($24-$38 an hour)
3. Sewer Line Inspector: ($21-$36 an hour)
4. Appraiser: ($22-$49 an hour)
5. Property Manager: ($25-$50+ an hour)
6. Mortgage Broker: ($23-$38+ an hour)
7. Title Insurance Agent / Salesperson: ($23-$30 an hour)
On the Road: What Jobs Pay Over $30 an Hour?
While traveling jobs can be hard for some, for others the freedom and travel can be a bonus in itself. So why not kill two birds with one stone? Travel and find a job that pays $30 an hour or more.
Take a look below:
1. Commercial Driver: ($29-52 an hour)
2. Commercial Pilot: ($35-$70 an hour) *
3. Airport Shuttle Driver: ($30+ an hour) *
4. Railroad Industry: ($27-$60 an hour)
5. Delivery Driver: ($18-$36+ an hour)
6. Food Rep – Traveling: ($20-$56 an hour)
7. Merchant Marine: ($20-$39+ an hour)
Catering to the Rich and Busy: What Jobs Make $30 an Hour?
Some people have more money than they have time and are happy to pay a premium for certain services that improve their lives or bring them joy.
[ProTip: Read Dan Kennedy’s book on Marketing to the Affluent to maximize your pay]
Many of these jobs make the most money when you freelance or create your own small business.
To get your hourly rate to $30 an hour or more, you may need to think creatively and position yourself as premier or specialized.
For example: If you want a dog-walking job that pays $30 an hour, walk multiple dogs at a time at $15-$20 an hour each. Do this a few times a day and you’ll break $30 an hour.
A key here is to build trust and relationships and go direct to earn the largest wages.
And if you’re creative, you’ll come up with plenty of other job ideas in this area along the way. Keep your eyes open for opportunities— the money is there.
1. Interior Decorator or Color Consultant: ($21-$33 an hour) *
2. Personal Chef: ($24-$35 an hour)
3. At-home Services: Waxing, Haircuts, Massage, or Spa Treatments: ($35-$100+ an hour)
4. Nanny to The Ultra-rich
5. Housekeeping and Maid Service
6. Daycare Business
7. Dog-Walker
8. Doggy Daycare, Pet Spa Owner and Pet Sitting
9. Pooper Scooper Business *
Great to combine with other pet services.

People and Management Jobs That Pay 30 an Hour Without a Degree
If you like working with people, here are some great jobs to earn $30 an hour.
In fact, several of the jobs below can pay $40 an hour or even $50 an hour when you include bonuses and other company perks.
Keys to succeeding in many of these jobs are building networking, leadership, persuasion and people skills. If you learn these skills your income will grow to six figures fast.
1. Salesperson: ($25-$40+ an hour) *
If you’re doing low-volume sales then focus on mid-priced items or above: RV sales, software etc.

2. Debt Collector: ($18-$33 an hour)
3. Personal Trainer: ($22-$37 an hour) *
4. Crossfit / Yoga Specialized Trainers: ($22-$40 an hour)
5. Private Tutor: ($25-$35 an hour) *
6. Test Prep Tutor Specialist: ($30-$60 an hour) *
7. Public speaking: ($22-$52+ an hour)
8. Financial Services Sales Representative: ($19-$32 an hour)
9. Executive Assistant: ($24-$38 an hour)
10. Masseuse: ($23-$35+ an hour) *
11. Hairstylist: ($20-$40+ an hour) *
12. Account Sales Rep: (Rep $24-$35 an hour)
13. Insurance Agent: ($18-$39+ an hour)
14. Government Contract Manager: ($33-$39+ an hour)
15. Consultant: ($24-$38+ an hour)
Some earn $100 an hour, especially freelancing.

16. Retail Store Manager: ($27-$36+ an hour)
17. Recruiter – Job Placement: ($23-$41 an hour)
18. Restaraunt Manager: ($22-$36 an hour)
19. Power Plant Operator: ($25-$55 an hour)
20. Power Distributor and Dispatcher: ($36-$46 an hour)
21. Nuclear Power Reactor Operator: ($29-$41+ an hour)
22. Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers: ($33-$55 an hour)
Miscellaneous: What Kind of Jobs Pay $60,000 a year?
Even more jobs that pay 30 an hour! Tired yet? (I am 😅).
If you didn’t find anything above you’re interested in, we’ve got more comin’. Check out the jobs below there’s a decent mix to try and reach everyone looking for a job that makes $30 dollars an hour.
1. Craigslist / [b]eBay[/b] / Etsy / Amazon / Reseller
2. Food Truck Owner
3. Boutique Organic Farmer
4. The Military *
This may take a few years, and strategy, but it’s absolutely possible. See Doug Nordman’s book Military Guide to Financial Independence and Retirement.

5. Motion Picture Film and Television Jobs: ($33-$70 an hour)
Camera, Grip, Special Effects, Electric, Construction, Set Decorators and many other positions are jobs that pay $30 an hour (typically much higher). It’s a hard industry to get your foot in the door though, but once you do, the pay and benefits are excellent.

6. Contact Tracer: ($27-$33 an hour)
7. Firefighter: ($22-$50+)
8. Police Officer: ($20-$40+ an hour)
9. Detective and Criminal Investigator: ($21-$39+ an hour) *
10. X-ray Technician: ($25-$32 an hour)
11. Surgical Technician: ($20-$31 an hour)
12. Wet Nurse: ($65,324 per year) *
13. Surrogate: ($68,815 per year average) *
What if I still Don’t Find a Job I Like?
If you went through all 123 of these jobs and still didn’t find something you’re interested that’s ok! You still have options.
Here are 27 Jobs that pay $100 an hour.
If not… Maybe college or going back to school is a better choice for you.
Or maybe you just need to get a raise at your current job. (Scroll halfway down to read about negotiating a raise… but honestly, just read the whole post 😉 )
If not there, it might be time to start freelancing, start your own business or side hustle. We cover each of these areas in the linked post.
Your Turn: What Other Jobs Earn $30 an hour?
What did we miss? We’d love to keep this as a growing resource so please let us know in the comments below what jobs pay $30 an hour without a degree.
And if you know someone who needs this right now, please pass it along.

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